April 2019

Lewis County Emerging Professionals Meeting Minutes April 3, 2019



Brittany Davis, Jared Thisse, Gerry Hanelin, Ellie Steltz, David Steltz, John and Miranda Travis, Katie Carpenter, Alayna Arthur, Lydia Young, Elora Clemens


INFO: Ongoing program within the County - Adirondack North Country Association’s Center for Business in Transition program, IDA – Brittany Davis chosen as a community liaison for Lewis and Jefferson counties. Why? Over the next 5 years $15K businesses could go out of business unless they put a contingency plan in place for the future. Find entrepreneurs who might want to invest, and promote successful businesses that are looking to sell.

  • This ANCA program is across 14 counties in upstate NY
  • For entrepreneurs looking to invest and take over a successful, established business.
  • For business owners looking to sell or transition their business.

Upcoming Events:

  • EVENT: AdiRunDuck, April 28th Sunday,
    • Volunteers
    • FFA camp in Croghan, fundraiser to support summer youth programs. Dump 10,000 rubber ducks into the river for a race, face painting, pancake bfast, lots of locals go to the event but also many from out of town
    • Bill adding a fun run to the program, need help to man that run specifically
    • Need at least 10 volunteers:
      • Headcount so far: Lydia, Brittany & Jon, Elora, McKenzie and Zac
    • EVENT: Trivia Night series
      • Determine a place
      • Boondock’s
    • EVENT: Clean Up Day
      • More details
      • Notes
    • EVENT: JULY Garden Party at
    • Previously discussed 1812 House, July 12th
    • Fundraiser for Renee Beyer Fund
    • Networking opportunity, signature event
    • Logistics still need to be ironed out. Determine alcohol, outdoor cash bar, hire a bartender?
    • Catered or not? Price them out per person
    • Per person ticket price of $?
    • LOCATION: Chris Buckingham needs deposit to book venue… Pinetree? RJ’s? Fancier hors d’oeuvres
    • May – Spring Plant & Sip? Valley Greenery or Sunnycrest? (ELLIE) Dates: 5th, or 8th.\
    • May 4th – Community Day of Cleanup (Leadership Academy) 9am-1pm Saturday, what supplies are needed? What can be donated for the event? Register to volunteer by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also looking for business sponsors as well. Focus: cemeteries throughout the county. Lyons Falls Alive, Port Leyden park, each town or village submitted areas they wanted cleaned up.
    • June wine tasting, yard games
    • EP shirts, design, get our own T-shirt to Brittany at the IDA by 4/12.
    • Send out email to solicit volunteers with a sign-up sheet by 4/22 commit.
    • Open Board position page on our website
    • Send an email blast to the Chamber and other organizations with open positions, Press Release.
    • Message being that we can help them advertise to the younger
    • Tony Harper’s Pizza and clam shack – let’s plan an event for the summer
    • Young professionals helping young professionals
    • Saturday April 6th, Farmer’s Challenge Trivia night, at Beaver River 6pm, catering $20 per person, teams of 6, bulk of the night is trivia, landscaping, county trivia and categories. Bonus points if you decorate your table: theme is Blast from the Past.
    • July 30th Day for Teachers and Community Leaders – training day, curriculum, lessons, tours of Lewis County. Continuing education credit
    • Larger Scale farm Mark’s farms, processing (goat dairy), Black River Valley Naturals, and smaller scale agriculture
    • Manufacturing and disconnect with teachers and counselors, how can we get them involved and understand the career opportunities, want to be part of that rhetoric.
    • Lewis County Workplace 4th Annual Job Fair in Lewis County at Lowville Elks, 100+ open positions Wednesday 4/10.
    • Day before same organization in Jefferson County
    • Check to see if summer Youth Employment program could be there as well
    • Resume workshop event/Day – Elora to reach out to Lisa Hetzner
    • Farmer’s Market in Lowville, improvements, help promote it, meeting coming up, go to the meetings? Event to tie into the farmer’s market? Operated by Sarah Rose? Starts in June, more cheerful vibe and community, buy-in.
    • Wineries at the farmer’s market? Busted Grapes? Distilleries
    • Small business SPOTLIGHT local businesses at the farmer’s market. MORE marketing, Instagram







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The Lewis County Emerging Professionals network was established to attract and retain professionals by enhancing the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals within Lewis County and to increase the opportunity for communication, shared knowledge and interaction between those individuals, uniting them in a common cause to promote community development and service.

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