July 2018

Lewis County Emerging Professionals Meeting Minutes 7/11/18


Alayna, Elora, Ellie, David, Gretchen Anderson, Caree Turk, Jared late


August/Fall events upcoming

Upcoming Events:

Vino & Vinyasa - Thurs July 26th at Tug Hill Vineyard, $15 includes one drink @6pm? Fundraiser $200
let’s help spread the word and encourage donations, 50/50 raffle possible idea, would they donate some bonus free drinks, possible gift card or free bottle of wine?

BBQ and Bouquets @Sunnycrest, open 9-5, flexible to meet by end of July
Setting date, discussing logistics and event cost/participation of payment for it. Jared, McKenzie and Lydia.
- Entails: make your own bouquet and enjoy a BBQ, mini design workshop? If not we could still do a mini lesson.
Trivia series, new business to partner with?

Boondocks, OR Towpath! drive but still Lewis County, bar area, appetizers, Tori Scott?
Elora reach out to Tori, wine night? They have bands there.
IDA discussions, LCEP members to discuss and brainstorm ways to attract and retain workforce, need outside perspective.
Other choices; Wicked bad apple and central
Tony Harper’s
Bakers trivia? Or the Legion? If we have to…

Pine tree in Brantingham, Elora to talk to Julie and Bobby

Vineyard events! Ideas!!! We would volunteer
Brandon had of cornhole and horseshoes, younger crowd on Friday night with DJ, doesn’t have to be wine down, could just be a informal
Festivals, different events with vendors, music and wine! Charge a price, get a glass, coordinate with food trucks
Staff to serve food
Might be OK with food trucks, people will come for an event
Younger crowd, band, strategic planning for a larger crowd
Full discussion with McKenzie, and Crystal and Sue
Free tasting for professional appreciation

Lavender fest next year! Volunteer in exchange for having a booth open, partner with Mary. Make shirt

Hike @Whetstone on August 18th, rain date Walk down from top and have a lunch cookout.
Camping possible

Gretchen’s dad owns Croghan Knights of Columbus, bowling alley event! Check out how much he charges - Gretchen

Next Wed Meeting August 1st

Zumba classes

Water treatment – Kraft doesn’t want to be the bad guy

EP Logo

The Lewis County Emerging Professionals network was established to attract and retain professionals by enhancing the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals within Lewis County and to increase the opportunity for communication, shared knowledge and interaction between those individuals, uniting them in a common cause to promote community development and service.

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