June 2019

Lewis County Emerging Professionals Meeting Minutes June 5, 2019


Ryan Pishe, McKenzie Lehman, Elora Clemens, David Steltz, Jerry Hanelin, Rachel Gardner, Nick and Brielle Kilionski, Caree Turck, Chris and Emily Blauvelt, Jared Thisse


  • Upcoming Events
  • LCEP Membership
  • Lewis County NEWS

Upcoming Events:

  • EVENT: Summer Solstice Mixer, June 21st at Tug Hill Vineyards
    • Cornhole sets: Brittany. Kan Jam Spike ball: Kenzie. Badminton?
  • EVENT: Trivia Night reschedule: TBA
    • Late summer early fall
    • Discuss next month time and date, check with Boondocks on scheduling
  • EVENT: Business Hours June 20th at Snow Ridge
    • Paired with Leadership Academy graduation 5:30pm
  • EVENT: Food truck Fridays events, June 28th
    • Need volunteers
    • Parking, clean up, set up
  • Beaver Falls or Auger Falls hike in the fall late August, Policeman’s Falls in Watson, Whetstone Gulf trail, official hiking trails?
    • Lewis County Summer and Winter Hiking Apps, user feedback needed
    • Waterfall hikes
  • Co-ed Softball league at Doubleplay this summer?
  • Informal golf tournament, driving range at Carlowden? Hold our meeting somewhere outdoors
  • Jefferson County and Thousand Islands Young Leadership org. events
  • Double check Facebook group post, put event on page and share to the group 

LCEP Membership:

  • Membership online paid membership: payment went through, should transfer to bank account in AM, working for Brittany to get hosting moved over to our bank account
  • Link is not public yet
  • Sign up process itself is simple, though some strange messages and errors may pop up
  • $20 for the year, working on perks with small businesses around town, discounts for specific events. Leadership Academy graduates get free membership for their first year.
  • Swag at summer solstice – let’s support someone local.
    • Decided on LCEP logo stickers – Ryan to call Coughlin tomorrow for quote
  • Free sticker for members at the event
  • Shirts as prize giveaways, ask Mrs. Berrus if she would be willing to put on logos, buy materials.

Lewis County News:

Meet the Candidates Night: Wednesday June 12th at 7pm at Lowville Academy auditorium

  • Formally sponsored by the Lewis County Republican party, contacted to help write questions for this debate
  • Submit questions form the Emerging Professionals Group to moderators
  • Get our members involved/ participate in our county planning
  • Bringing in more young people to the community
  • Email blast and post on Facebook page to check your email “from X” regarding
  • What do you feel the county’s role is in attracting and retaining younger generations in this area?

Highlighting local boards that are looking for new members

Matchmaking event – “Getting On-Board” paired with leadership academy, help organizations find potential board members

Local employment training office involvement?

NEXT LCEP MEETING DATE: Wednesday July 10th  due to 4th of July travel conflicts

  • Brittany to change July Happy Hour date


EP Logo

The Lewis County Emerging Professionals network was established to attract and retain professionals by enhancing the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals within Lewis County and to increase the opportunity for communication, shared knowledge and interaction between those individuals, uniting them in a common cause to promote community development and service.

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