November 2018

Lewis County Emerging Professionals Meeting Minutes 11/18/18


Dave Steltz, Ellie Steltz, Rachel Gardner, McKenzie Lyndaker, Elora Clemens, Gerry Hanelin, Andrea Seaver, Katie Carpenter, Caree Turck, Jared Thisse, Amanda Nguy


Upcoming Events
Board Business
Lewis County NEWS

Upcoming Events:

EVENT: Ugly Sweater Party 3rd Annual
Friday Dec 14th 7pm at Jeb’s
Santa for Seniors donation jar, 50/50 raffle, Trivia game buy-in (starts at 7:30pm)
Ugly sweater contest, most applause wins
No organized food this year, but possibly donate prize/gift certificate
More informal

EVENT: Meditation at Dryad Hollow
Wed evening 7pm, 1hr long session
Group rate: $60, or $10 per person
Need to create sign-up to determine interest and SET DATES

EVENT: NYE Gala @ Elks for New Year’s Eve
Coming up soon - Let’s help promote, run a raffle and take tickets at the door, find someone to donate gift basket for the silent auction idea (post the winners @certain time).

EVENT: January – Snow Shoe at Oswegatchie
Set date, start advertising

Event: Skiing/snowboarding event up @ Snowridge
Determine Date
Organize a larger group to go, possible ticket discount? TBA Jan 13th? 1pm?
Liz is an instructor, can discuss with ski school director
Great opportunity for adults to learn, lesson day/bunny hill
Experienced skiiers and boarders can just ski together while we learn
Sunday is a slower day so would be great for a larger group of us

Sunnycrest Event: Great event, we should plan another Sunnycrest event in the SPRING

Garden party in the spring @ the 1812 House, patio area, during the day or evening? May/June time frame, fundraiser for a large organization, Renee Beyer fund?

First Saturday evening April 4th , FFA Farmer’s Challenge at Beaver River, Trivia team of 6, dinner with ticket, silent auction, Ag and Leis County trivia

Regarding LCEP membership:

What is our Financial goal – website fees paid
Find local sponsors: Double Play – discount on yearly fee to be a member there as well
Need to find local businesses who would donate a discount, extended only to members
Come up with funding levels, invoice people at certain time of year
Help find people to join local boards in the county, list positions and pair boards with people (Press Release to reach businesses, help the Chamber)

Membership perks: Need a Membership Card
Drink chips
Swag bags: T shirt, Koozie
Marketing – discounted price for events for members only
Opportunity to be a part of a board, what does it mean to be a board member

ACTION items:

Brittany to discuss snowshoeing with Bill, Bank with Dave, Suzie about NYE gala
McKenzie – talk to Chris about Friday night in May for Garden party @1812
Dave - talk to Liz about SnowRidge skiiing
Elora - plan Meditation Event
Andrea to discuss board openings with Karen

NEXT LCEP MEETING DATE: December 5th, last of the year!

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The Lewis County Emerging Professionals network was established to attract and retain professionals by enhancing the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals within Lewis County and to increase the opportunity for communication, shared knowledge and interaction between those individuals, uniting them in a common cause to promote community development and service.

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