Q2 2019

Lewis County Emerging Professionals Meeting Minutes April 17, 2019


Brittany Davis, Elora Clemens, Gerry Hanelin, David Steltz, Ryan Pische, Lydia Young, McKenzie Lehman, Jared Thisse


Upcoming Events:

  • Adironduck Run April 28th: 8-11am, registration or trail volunteers. Help promote event as it will be next weekend.
  • Community Clean Up Day Leadership Academy, May 4th
    • Promote and help people sign up, location-based clean up
  • Spring Plant & Sip? Valley Greenery fine with that idea but plan but after May
  • Boondocks Trivia Night – schedule for a Wednesday, new half of bar room, mic provided, TV screen for question, drink chips to winning team
  • Garden Party this summer, Summer Solstice?
    • Switch to Tug Hill Vineyard
      • McKenzie to plan with Sue - see if they could offer hors d’oeuvres
      • beer tasting with Skewed Brewing?
      • per person price, donate venue?
    • Renee Beyer Fundraiser, silent or Live Auction
    • June Friday evening or July? August? Check with Sue on availability
    • Hire a DD or Uber driver
    • Live music? Rob Hershey

LCEP Membership

  • Membership dues: charge $20 annual flat fee, 1 year, no pro-rating, expiration date handwritten on the card before we give to the member
  • Option for people to Print their membership card
  • Pay in for ourselves and use that $ to pay for it
  • *Business partners: Jeb’s $1 off appetizers, Coughlin, Double Play
  • Online membership card for ease of use/access
  • Back-up plan: Can just be a business card, Coughlin sponsored? Logo on the back of it.
  • Brittany setting up Stripe account to take payments, Dave will set up processing system
  • Once ready we can all pay for our membership cards

Board Business

  • Look into Texting alert systems
  • People would have to Opt into text alerts, need it to be an announcement not group text
  • List of all the Boards in Lewis County – Karen Peterson? Elora to reach out to Karen. Working on this, if you’d like your board to be included? Form, if missing, let us know FORM.
  • Put boards and contact info on our website, help list openings in the future
  • Roll page out now, promote it in different ways, announce, more traffic to website and visibility
  • Hospital – flyers? McKenzie to reach out to Anna
  • Events surveys, username and password to fill out themselves
  • Chamber of Commerce to sponsor $15/mo, or $180/year membership

Action items:

  • McKenzie: talk to Sue about vineyard
  • Brittany: confirm date for Boondocks Trivia and set up Stripe account (EIN needed?), promote Community Day of Caring
  • Dave: payment processing, online membership cards up and running
  • Elora: talk to Karen Peterson
  • Ryan: come up with Trivia questions
  • Everyone: talk to local business promote our group and partnership



EP Logo

The Lewis County Emerging Professionals network was established to attract and retain professionals by enhancing the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals within Lewis County and to increase the opportunity for communication, shared knowledge and interaction between those individuals, uniting them in a common cause to promote community development and service.

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