September 2019

Lewis County Emerging Professionals Meeting Minutes September 4, 2019

Attendance: Elora Clemens, Jerry Hanelin, Liz Cole, Brittany Davis, McKenzie Lehman, Rachel Gardner, Katie Carpenter, David Steltz, Ellie Steltz, Dan and Viki Myers, Lisa Ryan


  • LCEP Membership
  • Upcoming Events
  • Lewis County NEWS

Special announcement: Leadership Academy – If anyone is interested in taking it, membership is still open, sign up now! Great exposure to all areas of Lewis County, as well as Leadership skill development. It’s a 10-month program, group capstone project. Stop at the Chamber of Commerce

LCEP Membership:

  • $20 annual cost, will include discounts and other membership perks listed on our website
  • Membership sticker to come soon! Can also print membership card and get it laminated at Coughlin.
  • Support our cause to attract and retain people in Lewis County
  • Corporate discount to Double Play gym membership, just show them your card
  • Discuss further marketing ideas: Post cards to send to local companies about us and our group to help assimilate employees
  • We have 18 official paid members as of today
  • Launch Party – Business leaders Breakfast and After Hours
  • New owners of Lyons Falls Mansion would like to host, they just have to be a Chamber member
  • Venue? Partner with an organization, vineyard? Ridgeview?
  • Partnership: we will advertise their sponsorship, businesses that sponsor their employees
  • Offer a perk to members or sponsoring their employees yearly membership
  • Word of mouth: Post on Facebook, tell your friends!


Upcoming Events:


Next week – Yoga at the Denmark orchard at 6pm, across from Carlowden, $12 for members, $15 for non-members. 45 min yoga and apple wine!

21st - Cream Cheese festival, not organizing a group of volunteers but we will go and show our support


Trivia night – reschedule at Boondocks, end of October?


Comedy Night at Double Play on Saturday Nov. 9th


New Years Eve Gala at Tug Hill Vineyards

  • Planning Committee to take over planning, Facebook page, etc.
  • Benefit: capable of taking over
  • Change venue, roaring 20’s theme, password to get in, from email when you pay for tickets
  • DJ is all set, charging $250
  • Transportation: Ryan is working Stop DWI money
  • $83 an hour, doable even if we
  • Only issues is hotel accommodations, what so we want to figure out?
  • What is included in ticket costs?
  • Fundraiser? Renee Beyer
  • One or two drink vouchers, couples discount
  • Raffle idea: at the end of the night, pizza and wings
  • Get pricing, drink donate?
  • Next meeting with

Lewis County NEWS:

Casino night – March timeframe? Discuss and plan more next month

  • Wheel to roll every half hour, item# 10

New to the group: Lisa Ryan, Health & Wellness coach, just signed up for Business Leaders Breakfast

Wed Sept 18th – Open Board position event by Carthage Chamber of Commerce – Board members needed! Decide where you can volunteer, we should go to the event and see how they set it up, where to get involved, etc.

Next LCEP Board Meeting and Happy Hour: October 2nd

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The Lewis County Emerging Professionals network was established to attract and retain professionals by enhancing the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals within Lewis County and to increase the opportunity for communication, shared knowledge and interaction between those individuals, uniting them in a common cause to promote community development and service.

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